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Durex is looking for ‘Explorers’ to revolutionize the world of intimacy




Durex’s New Teaser ‘Explorers Wanted’ Invites Travel Enthusiasts to Explore Secret Destinations and Spark Passion with Partners

Durex, the popular condom and personal lubricant brand, is once again making waves with its latest campaign titled ‘Explorers Wanted’. The brand is known for pushing boundaries and sparking conversations, and this time they are inviting travel enthusiasts to explore secret destinations and embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and passion with their partners.

The campaign is seeking ‘Explorers’ to transform the landscape of intimacy, teasing the anticipation of novel adventures through the Instagram stories of influencers such as @bruisedpassports, Unplannedbyand @the.vogue.vanity. Couples like Saloni and Rahul from Unplannedby, Daizy and Ankit from Vogue Vanity, and Savi and Vid from Bruised Passports are already on board, ready to explore new horizons in their relationships.

Durex’s initiative comes at a time when a recent survey revealed that 74% of Indians are looking to try something new to improve their sex lives. The brand is targeting couples who may be experiencing a lack of spark in the bedroom, with men feeling pressure to perform and women craving more emotional and physical engagement. This often leads to unsatisfying experiences for both partners.

The brand emphasizes the importance of foreplay in dialing things up in the bedroom, boosting emotional and physical connection, and leading to a more satisfying experience overall. By encouraging couples to explore each other’s desires and fantasies, Durex aims to reignite the passion and excitement in relationships.

With ‘Explorers Wanted’, Durex is once again breaking barriers and starting conversations about intimacy and pleasure, inviting couples to embark on a journey of discovery and passion together.