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Celebrities Who Confessed to Feeling Aroused During Intimate Scenes




Actors Who Admitted to Getting Aroused During On-Screen Sex Scenes

Actors Who Admitted to Getting Aroused During On-Screen Sex Scenes

Have you ever watched a sex scene on TV or in a movie and thought, “They’re basically making love in real life right now”? Think Kristen Wiig and John Hamm in Bridesmaids, Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley in Bridgerton, or any scene in the 50 Shades of Grey movies. For many, whenever that thought crosses their mind, it’s immediately followed by, “I wonder if they’re getting turned on.”

Now, we know that sex scenes aren’t as intimate as they appear on screen. There are dozens of people on set, a bunch of lights flashing in the actors’ faces, and a director probably making the actors do a million takes. Plus, it’s usually with the help of an intimacy coordinator that the actors even seem remotely into each other. But despite all that, at the end of the day, the actors are basically naked and writhing around on each other. Sure, they’re professionals, but they’re humans, too, right?

Right. In fact, actors have publicly admitted to getting aroused during on-screen sex scenes. And surprise, it’s only men. I’m sure some actresses felt a little turned on by sex scenes, but they probably have enough couth to know not to talk to reporters about it.

Here are some actors who have gotten “excited” while shooting sex scenes.

Joe Jonas

Even two babies later, it’s still a little uncomfortable to think of one of the Jonas Brothers getting hard (unless you’ve fantasized about them). But Joe said that in DNCE’s “Body Moves” music video, he was sporting a “halfie.” Lovely.

Henry Cavill

In a scene in The Tudors, Henry admitted to getting turned on during a sex scene when someone who had “spectacular breasts” was rubbing up against him. He had to apologize afterward because his arousal was pretty obvious.

Danny Dyer

In a scene in Straightheads, Danny is supposed to be playing a character who couldn’t get it up with co-star Gillian Anderson, but he did the opposite. And Gillian, of course, noticed.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant, having no problem being TMI with interviewers, said that he’s always been turned on by filming sex scenes despite a lot of other people feeling awkward doing so. Suddenly, I’m feeling very sympathetic for any co-star he’s ever had.

Summary and Future Implications

While it’s fascinating to learn about the behind-the-scenes realities of filming intimate scenes, it’s also a reminder of the professionalism required in the acting industry. These admissions from actors like Joe Jonas, Henry Cavill, Danny Dyer, and Hugh Grant offer a glimpse into the complexities of on-screen intimacy. As Hollywood continues to evolve, the role of intimacy coordinators and the importance of creating a comfortable environment for actors will likely become even more significant.

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