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Cher explains her preference for dating younger men




Cher Opens Up About Why She Prefers Dating Younger Men

Cher, the iconic singer and actress, has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind. In a recent interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 77-year-old star opened up about her preference for dating younger men.

Cher, who is currently in a relationship with 38-year-old music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards, explained that she tends to gravitate towards younger men because they are more bold and willing to approach her. She jokingly added that men her age or older were always too intimidated to make a move.

When asked about turning down the opportunity to date Elvis Presley in the past, Cher revealed that she was nervous about his reputation and the people surrounding him. Despite the missed opportunity, Cher has no regrets about her decision.

According to an insider, Cher’s relationship with Alexander is not just about age but also about boosting her ego. The source claimed that Cher feels more in touch with current music and trends thanks to her younger beau, and having him by her side has given her a confidence boost.

Cher’s candid revelations about her dating life have sparked a mix of reactions from fans and critics alike. Whether you agree with her choices or not, one thing is for sure – Cher continues to defy expectations and live life on her own terms.