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Windmill blades from Moulin Rouge break off and crash onto the street




Breaking News: Sails of Iconic Moulin Rouge Windmill Fall to the Ground

The iconic red windmill atop the Moulin Rouge, Paris’ famous cabaret club, has fallen to the ground in a shocking incident that has left many wondering what went wrong. The sails of the windmill, a symbol of the city and a popular tourist attraction, came crashing down in the early hours of the morning, causing damage to the front of the cabaret.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, which occurred just months before Paris is set to host the Olympic Games. The reason for the accident is still unknown, but it is the first time such a mishap has occurred at the historic venue.

The Moulin Rouge, known for its can-can dance shows, has been a fixture in Paris since it was founded in 1889. The venue’s technical team reportedly checks the windmill mechanism weekly, making this incident even more puzzling.

Images on social media show the blade unit lying on the street below, with some of the blades bent from the fall. The incident has raised concerns about the city’s readiness to host the millions of visitors expected for the Olympics this summer.

This breaking news story is still developing, stay tuned for more updates on this unexpected turn of events at the Moulin Rouge.