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Who is Austin Butler Dating? Here’s His Relationship Status




Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber: Hollywood’s Discreet Power Couple

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber: Hollywood’s Discreet Power Couple

Austin Butler doesn’t go around flaunting his love life. In fact, he’s never been labeled a serial dater. His first serious romance? None other than with the Disney Channel alum, Vanessa Hudgens. These two stars kicked off their relationship in September 2011 and kept it going strong until the end of 2019. That’s quite the stretch! But then, Austin became a relationship ghost for several months. The culprit? He buried himself in the film “Elvis,” which dragged on due to the pandemic. By the time he hung up his blue suede shoes in March 2021, Austin hadn’t had much time to woo anyone new.

Austin Butler: Who is His Famous Girlfriend?

In August 2021, Austin Butler was back in the headlines. This time, he was caught locking lips with Lily-Rose Depp on the streets of London. But that fizzled out quickly. Come late 2021, Austin found himself hanging out with another beauty.

By December 2021, Austin began stepping out with Kaia Gerber. Yes, we’re talking about the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber (George Clooney’s buddy). Kaia, fresh from her split with Jacob Elordi, seemed to hit it off with Austin right away. Their first paparazzi capture? Leaving a yoga class in L.A. After that, their sightings became more frequent, though they kept things under wraps.

It wasn’t until March 2022, at the post-Oscars party organized by W magazine, that they posed for cameras officially. A sweet moment captured Austin planting a kiss on Kaia’s cheek. Fast forward to May 3, Met Gala—Austin and Kaia made it official in a big way. They also bumped into their exes that night (Vanessa for Austin, Jacob and Pete Davidson for Kaia).

Austin and Kaia: A Very Discreet Couple

Just a few weeks later, Kaia joined Austin at the Cannes Film Festival, where “Elvis” had its preview. Still, they avoided the cliché red carpet hand-holding. Even after over two years of dating, they’re sparing with their public displays of affection. Most of the time, they keep a low profile, balancing each other out in the spotlight.

When it comes to talking about their relationship, they stay mum. “My private life is one of the things that I try to keep as sacred as possible,” Kaia revealed to WSJ in February 2024.

Austin Butler and his girlfriend Kaia Gerber clearly prefer to let their relationship grow outside the scrutiny of the limelight. And hey, given how famous they are, who can blame them?

Summary and Future Implications

In summary, Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber have managed to maintain a low-profile yet strong relationship amidst the glaring lights of Hollywood. Their discretion and mutual respect for privacy have allowed their love to flourish away from the public eye. As they continue to navigate their careers and personal lives, fans can expect to see more of this power couple, albeit in their own subtle way.

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Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber at Vanity Fair’s Post-Oscar Party in March 2023

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Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber leave the Dune: Part 2 premiere afterparty in London on February 15, 2024.