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What Celebrities Are Saying About Collaborating with Intimacy Coordinators in Film and Television Productions




TV Shows and Movies Hire Intimacy Coordinators for Sex Scenes: Outlander, Sex/Life, and More

In a groundbreaking move, TV shows and movies like Outlander and Sex/Life have started hiring intimacy coordinators to manage sex scenes on set. These professionals ensure that actors feel safe and comfortable while filming intimate moments, ultimately creating a more respectful and professional work environment.

Casey Hudecki, the intimacy coordinator for Sex/Life, shared her approach to working with the cast in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “My task early on in the season was to check in with them and go, ‘OK, so you’re together this season, how can I help you feel safe?’” Hudecki said. “How can I help you protect your relationship as your characters go off and have other relationships? How can I help the actors who are being their scene partners to feel safe and to feel free even though they know that, you know, Adam and Sarah [are] together? So there’s a lot of talking.”

Sex/Life, which premiered its first season on Netflix in June 2021, features steamy scenes between stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, who actually sparked a real-life romance on set. Hudecki noted that the actors’ comfort and trust in each other allows them to have more fun and play with each other in their scenes.

This move towards hiring intimacy coordinators reflects a growing awareness and commitment to creating a safe and respectful work environment in the entertainment industry. It also highlights the importance of prioritizing the well-being of actors during intimate scenes, ultimately leading to more authentic and compelling performances on screen.