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Waterbury police dismantle alleged cockfighting ring, leading to 8 arrests – NBC Connecticut




Illegal Cockfighting Ring Busted in Waterbury: Eight Arrested

The illegal cockfighting ring that was recently busted in Waterbury has shocked the community and led to the arrest of eight individuals. The operation, which took place in a garage on Gasparri Lane, was brought to the attention of authorities after receiving tips on March 2.

Six of the individuals arrested hail from Massachusetts, while the remaining two are from Connecticut, specifically Wallingford and Waterbury. They are facing charges of conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals, interfering with a search warrant, and conspiracy at gambling.

Cockfighting, as described by the National Humane Society, is a brutal practice where roosters are forced to fight each other in an enclosed pit for the entertainment and gambling purposes of spectators. The fights can last for minutes or even longer, often resulting in the death of one or both birds.

The exact number of roosters found on the property has not been disclosed by the police, leaving the fate of these animals uncertain. The community is outraged by this cruel and illegal activity, and many are calling for justice to be served for the innocent animals involved. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.



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