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Unrestricted Marriage: April 20, 2024 – Part 2 – Exploring Divorce with Special Guest Bob Atwell




Discussion on Divorce with Bob Atwell

Bob Atwell, a renowned relationship expert, recently re-joined Doug on a podcast to discuss the sensitive topic of divorce. The conversation delved into the complexities of marriage and the challenges that couples face when contemplating the end of their union.

During the podcast, several callers shared their personal stories and sought advice from Bob and Doug. Anne from Oregon expressed her dilemma of being married to a man who no longer prioritizes God in his life, describing him as a narcissist obsessed with money and football. Belle shared her struggles of living like roommates with her husband, who is emotionally unavailable and unwilling to attend counseling. Matt, another caller, tearfully revealed his anguish over being falsely accused, resulting in his children being taken away and unable to attend church.

Amidst these heart-wrenching stories, Joe provided a glimmer of hope by sharing how counseling helped him and his wife navigate their marriage struggles. He disclosed his diagnosis of ADD during counseling, which shed light on their challenges and ultimately strengthened their relationship.

As the podcast came to a close, Doug and Bob offered their insights and advice on the importance of communication, seeking professional help, and prioritizing the well-being of both partners in a marriage.

The podcast episode serves as a reminder of the complexities and difficulties that can arise in relationships, but also highlights the potential for growth and healing through open communication and support. Listeners were left with valuable insights and a sense of hope for navigating their own relationship challenges.