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Travis Kelce Responds to Erin Andrews’ Claims About Taylor Swift Relationship




Travis Kelce Reacts to Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson Setting Him Up with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce reacted to sports commentators Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson‘s claims that they set him up with girlfriend Taylor Swift after his failed attempt to give the pop star his phone number in July 2023.

Background Information

On May 23, Erin, 46, and Charissa, 42, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and joked about the start of Traylor’s love story. They discussed Travis Kelce’s failed attempt to give his phone number to Taylor Swift at one of her concerts.

Main Event or Topic

Erin and Charissa shared how they advocated for Taylor to date Travis on their podcast and how Travis thanked them for setting them up. The couple went public with their relationship in September 2023.

Reactions and Impact

Fans and Jimmy Fallon praised Erin and Charissa for setting up Taylor and Travis. The couple’s relationship has been well-received by the public.

Expert Opinions

Erin Andrews expressed her admiration for Taylor Swift and how she has positively impacted the sports world. She also clarified that she doesn’t take full credit for setting up Travis and Taylor.

Summary and Future Implications

The relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has captured the attention of fans and media alike. It will be interesting to see how their relationship progresses in the future.

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