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Stacey D’Erasmo Discusses the Importance of Intimacy in Art




Exploring Intimacy in Writing: A Conversation with Stacey D’Erasmo on Write-minded Podcast

In its fourth year, Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of inspiration and real talk about the writing life. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), this weekly podcast delves into various themes and features interviews with writers, authors, and publishing industry professionals.

This week, Write-minded delves deeply into the topic of intimacy, exploring its many facets beyond just romantic connections. Guest Stacey D’Erasmo leads a thought-provoking discussion on intimacy in writing, how it is perceived by readers, and the various forms it can take. From innocuous to violent, collective to personal, the conversation on intimacy is both enlightening and enticing.

Stacey D’Erasmo, a renowned author of five novels and two books of nonfiction, brings a wealth of experience and insight to the discussion. Her previous works have garnered critical acclaim and accolades, solidifying her reputation as a talented and insightful writer.

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