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Savannah James Shares Thoughts on Buying Wedding Dress Before Proposal on ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ Podcast




Savannah James Discusses Controversial Wedding Dress Purchase on ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ Podcast

Savannah James, wife of NBA superstar LeBron James, recently shared her thoughts on the controversial topic of women buying wedding dresses before receiving a marriage proposal on the new podcast ‘Everybody’s Crazy’.

During the podcast episode, Savannah discussed the societal pressure on women to plan their weddings from a young age and how this can lead to impulsive decisions such as purchasing a wedding dress before even being engaged.

She emphasized the importance of communication and setting expectations with your partner before making such a significant purchase, as it can put unnecessary pressure on the relationship.

Savannah also touched on the idea of women taking control of their own narratives and not waiting around for a proposal to start planning their future.

The podcast episode has sparked a conversation online, with many listeners sharing their own experiences and opinions on the topic.

Whether you agree or disagree with the practice of buying a wedding dress before a proposal, Savannah James’ insights on ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ are sure to make you think twice about traditional relationship norms.



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