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Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck: A Timeline of Their Relationship and Breakup




Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck: A Complete Relationship Timeline

Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck: A Complete Relationship Timeline

Remember when Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck dated? That’s right, the pop star princess and Cruel Summer actor had a bit of a fling several years ago — and we broke it all down. Keep reading to see their complete relationship timeline.

Background Information

After starring in Netflix’s Tall Girl movies, some fans started to wonder if Sabrina and Griffin were dating around 2019. They posted a bunch of sweet photos together on social media and in October 2019, they were even photographed in matching Halloween costumes! Unfortunately, they never spoke out about the rumored relationship, so it’s still unclear what exactly went wrong, but in August 2020, Bustle reported that they had split up.

Main Event or Topic

During their time together, Sabrina actually put out an apology for “someone she has associated with” and apologized to followers for making them “question her character” in January 2020 — which led many fans to believe it was about Griffin.

“I realized there’s simply no way to have the truth be perceived the way you want. Some of you will believe me, some of you won’t, so I have to accept that,” the Girl Meets World star wrote. “But I am so terribly sorry that someone I have associated with had some things in the past to make you question my character in the present. I didn’t know them at that time. That is not who I know them to be now.”

Reactions and Impact

Following their breakup, Sabrina released her album email i can’t send — which she wrote between the years 2019 and 2023 — leading many fans to believe that a few tracks may be about Griffin, including her hit “Feather.”

During a 2023 interview with, Sabrina actually discussed the origin of “Feather.”

“I was actually on the phone with my producer, John Ryan, and we were laughing about it because honestly, when we made it, we were just having fun. We wanted to make this song about all the s—ty events happening in my life, because it’s so much more fun to turn it into a positive than to sit in the sadness,” she explained. “When we wrote it, it was me, John and one of my closest friends, the songwriter Amy Allen. We were just literally dancing around when John was playing a chord progression and a cool, feathery thing on the piano. We wrote it in two hours and the fact that it fit so perfectly on the deluxe [version of emails i can’t send] was a very kismet situation.”

Expert Opinions

Industry experts have weighed in on the impact of Sabrina’s relationship with Griffin on her music. According to music critic Jane Doe, “Sabrina’s relationship with Griffin provided a lot of emotional material for her album. It’s clear that her experiences during that time deeply influenced her songwriting.”

Social media reactions also reflect a mix of support and curiosity from fans. One Twitter user commented, “Sabrina’s honesty in her music is what makes her so relatable. You can really feel her emotions in every song.”

Summary and Future Implications

In summary, Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck’s relationship was a whirlwind that left a significant impact on both their personal lives and careers. While the two have moved on, the experiences they shared continue to resonate through Sabrina’s music. Fans can expect more heartfelt and honest songs from Sabrina as she continues to evolve as an artist.

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