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Ryu Jun-yeol Shares Details About His Relationship Controversy with Han So-hee




“Actresses So-hee and Hyeri Engage in Instagram Feud Over Relationship with Jun-yeol”

In a shocking turn of events, actresses So-hee and Hyeri have found themselves at the center of a heated Instagram feud, revealing a tangled web of relationships and betrayals.

Initially denying any involvement, So-hee was forced to come clean after a series of heated exchanges with Hyeri on social media. The two actresses traded barbs and accusations, with fans eagerly following every twist and turn of the drama.

It was eventually revealed that So-hee had been in a relationship with Jun-yeol, Hyeri’s ex-boyfriend, since November 2023. This revelation added fuel to the fire, as fans speculated on the timeline of events and the true nature of the relationships involved.

Just as quickly as the news broke, So-hee and Jun-yeol announced their breakup, leaving fans stunned and eager for more details. The fallout from this Instagram clash has left the entertainment industry buzzing, with many wondering what will happen next in this dramatic saga. Stay tuned for more updates as this story continues to unfold.