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Reflecting on 20 Years of Marriage Equality in Massachusetts: A Couple Who Played a Key Role – WBUR News




20th Anniversary of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization in Massachusetts: A Reflection with David Wilson and Rob Compton

On this day, 20 years ago, history was made as David Wilson and Rob Compton became one of the first same-sex couples to be legally married in the United States. Their landmark marriage not only marked a significant milestone for the LGBTQ+ community, but also played a pivotal role in the fight for marriage equality.

Wilson and Compton were also plaintiffs in the groundbreaking court case, Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, which ultimately led to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Their love and commitment to each other helped pave the way for countless other couples to have their relationships recognized and celebrated.

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Massachusetts becoming the first state to allow same-sex marriage, we reflect on the journey of Wilson and Compton. Despite facing challenges and discrimination along the way, their love has remained strong and unwavering.

In 2024, Wilson and Compton are celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary, a testament to the enduring power of love and the progress that has been made in the fight for equality. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right and never giving up on the pursuit of justice and equality for all.



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