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Poll finds that 60% of young Koreans believe children are not essential after marriage




“Declining Birthrate in Korea: More Than Six Out of 10 Young Koreans Believe Having Children After Marriage is ‘Not Necessary'”

A recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has revealed a concerning trend among young Koreans, with more than six out of 10 respondents aged between 13 and 24 stating that having children after marriage is “not necessary.” This comes as the country continues to struggle with a declining birthrate, with Korea’s fertility rate being the lowest in the world in 2023.

The report also highlighted a growing skepticism towards the institution of marriage among young people, with only 38.5 percent of respondents believing that getting married is necessary in life. This trend has raised concerns among policymakers, as the declining birthrate could have significant impacts on various societal systems, from education to the national pension.

Despite these unconventional views on marriage and children, the survey found that young Koreans are generally optimistic about their overall life quality, with 29.6 percent stating that it has changed positively. Additionally, more than half of the respondents agreed that Korean society is fair, indicating a level of satisfaction with their current circumstances.

As the country grapples with these shifting attitudes towards marriage and children, it remains to be seen how policymakers will address the challenges posed by the declining birthrate and its potential impacts on society as a whole.



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