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Police Bodycam Captures Heartwarming Marriage Proposal with Officer’s Assistance




Police Officers Assist in Unique Marriage Proposal Caught on Bodycam

The heartwarming moment of a marriage proposal was caught on bodycam footage as police officers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, helped orchestrate a surprise for Troy Goldschmidt and his girlfriend Moriah Prichard during a routine traffic stop.

In the video, officers can be seen pulling over Goldschmidt’s vehicle, leading Prichard to believe they were in trouble. However, as Goldschmidt stepped out of the car, he got down on one knee and popped the question, much to Prichard’s surprise and delight.

The Eau Claire Police Department revealed that Goldschmidt had reached out to them beforehand to ask for their assistance in making the proposal extra special. The officers were more than happy to help and were thrilled to be a part of such a joyous occasion.

The heartwarming video has since gone viral, with many viewers praising the officers for going above and beyond to make the proposal unforgettable. Goldschmidt and Prichard are now happily engaged, thanks in part to the thoughtful and creative help of the Eau Claire Police Department.