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New CyberFight president aims to enhance partnership with WWE




New President of CyberFight Aims to Strengthen Relationship with WWE

The new president of Pro Wrestling NOAH and DDT’s parent company, Yasuaki Okamoto, has set his sights on strengthening the relationship with WWE. In a recent press conference, Okamoto expressed CyberFight’s goal of enhancing their ties with the global wrestling powerhouse.

CyberAgent, the parent company of CyberFight, also owns ABEMA, a popular streaming service in Japan that now features WWE content such as Raw, SmackDown, and premium live events. This partnership opens up new opportunities for collaboration between the two wrestling organizations.

WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH have a history of working together, with notable stars like Shinsuke Nakamura and KENTA crossing paths between the promotions in the past. Nakamura even faced off against The Great Muta in a memorable match at a NOAH event in 2023.

The recent press conference also saw Keiji Muto appointed as an official scouting advisor for Pro Wrestling NOAH, signaling a new era for the promotion. Additionally, Ulka Sasaki and Eita were announced as new additions to the NOAH roster, adding fresh talent to the mix.

With CyberFight’s new leadership and a renewed focus on collaboration with WWE, fans can expect exciting developments in the world of professional wrestling. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving partnership.



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