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Monday Motivations: Leigh Hurst Discusses the Importance of Relationship Mindfulness – KOLO




Monday Motivations: Leigh Hurst shares relationship mindfulness

Leigh Hurst, a renowned relationship expert, is sharing her secrets to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship in her latest book, “Monday Motivations: Relationship Mindfulness.” In this insightful guide, Hurst delves into the importance of being present and attentive in our relationships, emphasizing the need for open communication and understanding.

Hurst’s book offers practical tips and exercises to help couples strengthen their bond and navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. From setting aside dedicated time for each other to practicing active listening, Hurst’s advice is both relatable and actionable.

In a recent interview, Hurst shared, “Relationships require effort and intentionality. By practicing mindfulness and being fully present with our partners, we can cultivate deeper connections and create lasting happiness together.”

Readers of “Monday Motivations: Relationship Mindfulness” have praised Hurst’s approach, noting the positive impact it has had on their own relationships. Whether you’re in a long-term partnership or just starting out, Hurst’s insights are sure to inspire and motivate you to prioritize your relationship and nurture it with care.

To learn more about Leigh Hurst and her transformative book, “Monday Motivations: Relationship Mindfulness,” visit her website or pick up a copy at your local bookstore.