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Miley Cyrus admits to deceiving Liam Hemsworth before their wedding – Geo News




Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Lying to Liam Hemsworth Before Marriage

Miley Cyrus recently made some shocking confessions about her past lies to former husband Liam Hemsworth during a candid interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast. The singer admitted to lying about her sexual history before their marriage, revealing that she had misled Hemsworth about being intimate with other partners before him.

Cyrus, now 31, recalled a conversation with Hemsworth where he asked about her past sexual experiences. Feeling pressured to not seem inexperienced, she fabricated stories about previous partners to save face. She even went as far as making up a name of someone she claimed to have been intimate with, when in reality, she had not.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer also opened up about her attraction to girls at a young age, admitting that she was more interested in exploring relationships with her female friends before developing feelings for boys. This revelation shed light on her early dating experiences and the confusion she felt about her own sexuality.

Reflecting on the impact of her lies, Cyrus expressed regret for holding onto the deception for so long. She confessed that the weight of the lie weighed on her for years before finally coming clean at the age of 24.

The singer’s honesty about her past mistakes and struggles with identity has sparked a conversation about the pressures of maintaining a certain image in relationships. Fans have praised Cyrus for her vulnerability and willingness to share her truth, even if it means admitting to past mistakes.

As Cyrus continues to navigate her personal and professional life in the public eye, her candid revelations serve as a reminder that everyone has a journey of self-discovery and growth.