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Michael Douglas believes that intimacy coordinators are a method for executives to exert control over filmmakers.




Michael Douglas Shares Thoughts on Intimacy Coordinators in Film and TV Productions

In a recent interview, Hollywood legend Michael Douglas shared his thoughts on the growing trend of intimacy coordinators on film and TV sets. The actor, known for his roles in films like Fatal Attraction, expressed his views on the role of intimacy coordinators in ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for actors during sensitive scenes.

Douglas, who mentioned that he is past the age of worrying about sex scenes himself, acknowledged the importance of intimacy coordinators in preventing any potential misconduct or harassment on set. He compared intimate scenes to fight scenes, emphasizing the need for careful choreography and communication between actors to ensure a realistic and comfortable portrayal.

While Douglas recognized that in the past, actors often took care of such matters themselves, he also acknowledged that there have been instances of misconduct that required a more structured approach. He mentioned that having an intimacy coordinator on set could have potentially prevented such issues and ensured a more professional and respectful working environment.

Overall, Douglas’s comments shed light on the evolving dynamics of on-set intimacy scenes and the role of intimacy coordinators in ensuring a safe and respectful working environment for actors. As the industry continues to prioritize the well-being of its performers, the presence of intimacy coordinators may become more common in future film and TV productions.



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