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Little Maya steals the show in heartwarming wedding proposal




A Heartwarming Proposal: Danielle Allardyce and Ryan Mullan’s Engagement Story

New Dad Ryan Mullan Proposes to Mum Danielle Allardyce with Help from Baby Maya

It was a proposal like no other at Craigavon Area Hospital, where one-month-old Maya played a crucial role in setting up her parents for their big wedding day. Co Armagh man Ryan Mullan got down on one knee, but it was Maya who did the talking with a onesie that read, ‘Mummy will you marry daddy?’

New mum Danielle Allardyce couldn’t resist saying yes to the heartfelt proposal, and now the newly engaged couple can start planning their wedding. With Maya already stealing the show, the bar has been set high for their special day.

As they look forward to their future together, the family may even consider April 11 as the wedding date, as it happens to be Maya’s birthday. It seems like she’s already the star of the family, bringing joy and love to her parents in the most unexpected way.



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