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Jennifer Lopez’s attempt to salvage her marriage with Ben Affleck goes awry – Geo News




Jennifer Lopez’s Attempt to Save Marriage to Ben Affleck Backfires: Couple Grows Further Apart

The once beloved Hollywood couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, are reportedly facing challenges in their marriage as Lopez’s plan to save their relationship backfired.

According to a report by In Touch Weekly, Lopez suggested that the couple seek couple’s therapy in an effort to work through their issues. However, Affleck was said to have only agreed to the idea half-heartedly, as he reportedly “hates the whole humiliating process.”

While Affleck is said to believe in therapy to a certain extent, he is not willing to rely on it as the sole indicator of the success of their marriage. The source claimed that Affleck is willing to participate in therapy with an open mind, despite his aversion to the process.

The insider, who claimed to have known the couple for over a decade, revealed that conflict is a common theme in Affleck and Lopez’s relationship. They stated that for Affleck, overcoming challenges and fighting for what he wants is a source of satisfaction in his life.

As fans of the couple eagerly await updates on the status of their marriage, it seems that Lopez’s attempt to save their relationship may have inadvertently caused further strain. Only time will tell if the couple can overcome their differences and find a way to make their marriage work.