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Jax Taylor Denies Dating Model, Claims Brittany Cartwright Is Fine With It, Suggests She May Have a New Love Interest




Jax Taylor Addresses Dating Rumors Amidst Marriage Troubles

Jax Taylor is hitting back at dating rumors! As we all know, the Vanderpump Rules alum is currently on a break from his estranged wife Brittany Cartwright after running into a ton of marriage problems. There’s even talk of a future divorce, though they haven’t gotten to that point yet. Last week, the reality star sparked lots of dating rumors when he was spotted out to lunch with model Paige Woolen — suggesting he was done fighting for his marriage! And there have been plenty of other hookup rumors swirling, too!

Background Information

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have been facing marriage troubles and are currently on a break. The couple has been dealing with issues for a while, and there is speculation about a possible divorce in the future.

Main Event or Topic

In a recent episode of their podcast, Jax Taylor clarified that he was not on a date with model Paige Woolen, despite rumors suggesting otherwise. He mentioned that he and Brittany are separated and are exploring different options to work on their marriage, including therapy and possibly dating other people.

Reactions and Impact

Fans and followers of the couple have been reacting to the dating rumors and the status of their relationship. Jax Taylor’s comments have shed light on the current situation between him and Brittany, with implications for their future together.

Expert Opinions

Experts and insiders in the celebrity world have weighed in on Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s relationship dynamics. Their insights provide a deeper understanding of the challenges the couple is facing and the potential outcomes.

Summary and Future Implications

Jax Taylor’s response to the dating rumors and his openness about the status of his relationship with Brittany Cartwright have sparked discussions among fans and followers. The future of their marriage remains uncertain, with both parties exploring different paths to find a resolution.

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