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It is Essential to Prioritize Boundaries and Dignity




Producer Prerna Arora Prioritizes Boundaries and Dignity with Inclusion of Intimacy Coordination Clause in Contracts

Producer Prerna Arora is making waves in the film industry by becoming the first producer to include an intimacy coordination clause in the legal contracts of actors. This groundbreaking move aims to prioritize the boundaries and dignity of all individuals on set, emphasizing the need for a respectful and supportive environment during intimate scenes.

Arora believes that formalizing protocols for managing intimate scenes is essential in today’s film industry, where activism and awareness about on-set behavior are on the rise. By introducing guidelines and legalizing the presence of intimacy coordinators, she hopes to protect the well-being of actors and establish a standard of professionalism within the fraternity.

“Prioritizing the boundaries and dignity of all individuals on set is necessary for creating a safe and professional work environment,” Arora stated. “By formalizing the role of intimacy coordinators and implementing protocols, we aim to empower everyone on set while fostering a culture of professionalism.”

Her upcoming project, Hero Heeroine, starring Divya Khosla Kumar and directed by Suresh Krissna, is set to showcase the importance of setting boundaries and creating a respectful atmosphere on set. Additionally, Arora has Abhishek Jaiswal’s Hindi language revenge drama, Dunk: Once Bitten Twice Shy, in the pipeline, further solidifying her commitment to promoting a safe and supportive work environment in the film industry.