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Is Your Partner Cheating? You’re Nine Times More Likely to Have an Affair, According to Scientists




Study Finds Partners Who Forgive Cheating More Likely to Stray Themselves

The aftermath of infidelity in a relationship can be a tumultuous time, with emotions running high and trust shattered. A new study from California State University has shed light on a phenomenon known as ‘revenge intimacy’, where the wronged party is almost nine times more likely to stray themselves after their partner admits to an affair.

Published in the scientific journal Deviant Behavior, the study surveyed 2,000 married men and women about cheating and measured levels of commitment, passion, and intimacy in their relationships. The results were startling, showing that individuals who believe their partner had been unfaithful were nearly nine times more likely to engage in infidelity themselves.

Researchers found that ‘revenge intimacy’ is often motivated by anger and the desire to inflict similar heartache on their cheating partner. Surprisingly, levels of intimacy in a relationship were found to have no deterrent effect on infidelity, challenging the notion that giving a partner everything they want will prevent them from straying.

The study highlights the complex dynamics at play in relationships affected by infidelity and raises important questions about forgiveness, trust, and the potential for retaliation. As couples navigate the aftermath of betrayal, understanding the motivations behind ‘revenge intimacy’ may be crucial in rebuilding trust and moving forward.



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