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Intimacy coordinators safeguarding the boundaries of actors, including children




Navigating Boundaries and Consent: The Role of Intimacy Coordinators in Film and Theatre

Intimacy coordinators, a relatively new addition to film sets and theatres, are playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety and comfort of actors during intimate scenes. Shondelle Pratt, an intimacy coordinator, recently shared her insights on the ABC Radio Canberra Mornings program, shedding light on the importance of setting boundaries and obtaining consent in such sensitive situations.

According to Ms Pratt, intimacy coordinators not only assist with scenes of sexual intimacy but also help navigate violent scenes and portrayals of familial intimacy. One example she provided was of two actors meeting a child actor for the first time on set and having to portray a close-knit family dynamic. In such instances, the role of an intimacy coordinator becomes invaluable in ensuring that all parties feel safe and respected.

The organization leading the training and certification of intimacy professionals, Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, emphasizes the importance of obtaining CRISP consent. This acronym stands for Collaborative, Revocable, Informed, Specific, and Participatory, highlighting the key aspects of consent in intimate scenes.

Ms Pratt emphasized that consent is not just a professional requirement but a fundamental aspect of being a good human. She noted that saying “no” is a gift, even though it can be challenging, especially in situations where power dynamics are at play.

As the role of intimacy coordinators continues to gain recognition in the entertainment industry, their expertise in navigating sensitive scenes with care and respect is proving to be essential for creating a safe working environment for actors.



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