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Influencers’ Affection for MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil is Unwavering




Reviving 1990s Nudes and Grunge Neutrals with MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil

Reviving the 90s with MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil

In a nostalgic nod to the 1990s, makeup artists and creators are embracing the return of nudes and grunge neutrals with the help of MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil. This cult favorite pencil is being used to perfect the “Concealer Lips” aesthetic and recreate one of the era’s hottest makeup trends.

Renowned artists such as Miss Megan Robinson, Erin Parsons, Vanessa Nicole Stern, and Cici MUA are all turning to MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil to achieve the perfect lip look. Known for its unique greyish undertone, this pencil offers a grungier alternative to classic brown and is incredibly versatile.

Creative Director of Makeup Artistry, Terry Barber, praises the Stone Lip Pencil for its ability to frame a wide range of lip shades, from pale pink to brown to plum. Its subtle undertone allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect lip contour.

The Stone Lip Pencil made a statement on the runways of the AW24 London Fashion Week Frolov show, where Director of Makeup Artistry Dominic Skinner showcased its versatility and impact. With its resurgence in popularity, it’s clear that MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil is a true makeup essential for anyone looking to channel the iconic 90s aesthetic.