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In this drama, Ashok Selvan portrays a romantic with aspirations in filmmaking




Trailer of Emakku Thozhil Romance starring Ashok Selvan Released Today

The highly anticipated trailer for the upcoming film Emakku Thozhil Romance has been released, giving fans a glimpse into the colorful world of this romantic comedy. Starring the talented Ashok Selvan in the lead role, the film follows the story of a young man who is determined to make a film about love, all while navigating the ups and downs of his own romantic life.

Opposite Ashok Selvan, the beautiful Avantika Mishra plays the female lead, adding to the charm of the film. Directed by Balaji Kesavan, known for his previous work on Tughlaq Durbar starring Vijay Sethupathi, Emakku Thozhil Romance promises to be a delightful treat for audiences.

With a stellar supporting cast including Urvasi, Azhagam Perumal, MS Bhaskar, and more, the film is sure to bring laughter and love to the big screen. The cinematography by Ganesh Chandra, editing by I Jerome Alen, and music by Nivas K Prasanna all add to the magic of the film.

Produced by M Thirumalai, the makers have yet to announce a release date for Emakku Thozhil Romance, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the chance to experience this heartwarming tale on the silver screen. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new film!