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‘I Have No Idea How I Managed to Do It’




Travis Kelce Reflects on Relationship with Taylor Swift: “I Don’t Know How I Did It”

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has revealed the unlikely story of how he ended up in a relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift. In a recent podcast interview with comedian Lil Dicky, Kelce admitted that he wasn’t sure how he managed to capture Swift’s attention, considering she wasn’t initially interested in sports.

“I don’t know how I did it, because she wasn’t into sports, so I don’t know how the f–k I did it,” Kelce shared on the New Heights podcast. However, he later joked that he knew exactly how he caught Swift’s eye.

Kelce previously mentioned on a podcast in July 2023 that he had attended one of Swift’s concerts and attempted to meet her, but was unsuccessful due to her strict no-talking policy before and after shows. Despite his failed attempt to give her a bracelet with his number on it, Kelce’s public callout of Swift on his podcast seemed to have worked in his favor.

Two months after Kelce’s podcast mention, Swift attended her first Kansas City Chiefs game, sparking a relationship between the two. Not only did this turn out to be a positive development for Kelce personally, but it also seemed to bring good luck to the Chiefs on the field. The team finished the season with an impressive 10-3 record in games attended by Swift, culminating in their victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII.

The unexpected love story between Kelce and Swift has captured the attention of fans and media alike, proving that sometimes, even the most unlikely pairings can lead to success both on and off the field.



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