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I crave more physical intimacy in my marriage




Navigating Intimacy Concerns in a Long-Term Marriage

Title: Couple Seeks Advice on Rekindling Physical Intimacy After Two Decades of Marriage

In a heartfelt letter to advice columnist Annie Lane, a concerned spouse opens up about the challenges they are facing in their long-term marriage. Despite 23 years of commitment and love, the lack of physical intimacy has become a pressing issue for the couple.

The writer expresses their frustration with their spouse’s dismissive attitude towards discussions about intimacy, highlighting the negative impact it has had on their emotional and physical well-being. While they understand their partner’s lower libido, they stress the importance of a healthy level of intimacy in any marital relationship.

Seeking professional guidance, the writer turns to Annie Lane for advice on how to address this sensitive matter and potentially rekindle the physical aspect of their marriage. Lane suggests considering couples counseling as a way to facilitate open discussions and understand each other’s needs better.

In the meantime, Lane recommends increasing physical affection in non-sexual ways, such as holding hands or hugging, as a way to build towards more intimate moments. By keeping an open dialogue and emphasizing the desire to strengthen their bond as a team, the couple may find a balance that suits both their needs.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of communication and understanding in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship, even after many years of marriage. Readers are encouraged to send their own questions to Annie Lane for advice and guidance.