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How Long Should New Couples Wait Before Taking a Vacation Together?




Tips for a Successful First Trip as a Couple: Expert Advice

Are you in a new relationship and thinking about taking a romantic trip with your partner? Experts suggest that the six-month mark may be a good time to consider planning your first couples getaway. Licensed therapist Michelle Herzog and marriage and family therapist Omar Ruiz recommend discussing the idea of a trip around the three-month mark to allow enough time for planning.

To ensure a successful first trip as a couple, communication is key. Herzog advises discussing the type of experience you both want to have, activities you would like to do, and budgeting for the trip. Being candid about finances is also crucial to avoid disagreements later on. It’s important to establish how costs will be split and set a budget early in the planning process.

Flexibility is another essential aspect of a successful couples trip. Herzog emphasizes the importance of compromise, open communication, and checking in with each other throughout the vacation to ensure both partners are getting what they want out of the experience. Understanding each other’s travel style is also important, as it can help set expectations and create a balanced itinerary.

Managing stress and anxiety during the trip is essential for a smooth experience. Licensed clinical social worker Annalise Oatman recommends having a plan in place for stress relief, such as yoga, meditation, or massages. It’s also important to support your partner in times of stress, as unexpected events can arise during travel.

Overall, taking a romantic trip with your new partner can be a significant step in your relationship. By practicing empathy, communication, and flexibility, you can set the foundation for a successful and enjoyable first couples getaway.