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Exploring Hughie and Annie’s Relationship in The Boys Season 4




The Boys Season 4: Hughie and Starlight’s Relationship Stronger Than Ever

Things remain messed up in The Boys universe, but at least Hughie Campbell and Annie January’s relationship is stable.

Speaking to Collider, Jack Quaid revealed what fans can expect to see from Hughie and his supes ex-Seven girlfriend in the fight against Vought International under Homelander’s control. “This season, they’re the closest they’ve ever been,” he said, contrasting it with the ups and downs of their romance across season 3 but acknowledging, “I think it needed to happen. When you go through moments like that and you survive them, you come out so much stronger. So, I think Annie and Hughie are stronger than they’ve ever been this season, which I love seeing.”

This openness, Quaid added, will make Hughie and Annie (i.e. Starlight) a more effective duo as both a couple and revolutionaries, with Annie joining the Boys team in season 3’s finale. “I just love seeing the two of them not having to hide anything from the world and just being themselves around each other, being a full-on couple, happy as one can be in a world like the one we exist in on the show. That was wonderful, just to see them as a truly lived-in couple this season. That was such an interesting dynamic to play because it’s always so fraught, but they’re each other’s rocks this season, for sure,” he continued. In the same interview, Quaid told fans to expect even more grotesque situations across season 4, adding, “There are certain moments in this season that, when I initially read them in the script, I gasped out loud, which is very hard to get me to do, after four seasons. But yeah, you know right away when you’re reading it that it’s gonna be pretty crazy.”

What Will Happen in Season 4 of The Boys?

Season 3 found the Boys once again on the back foot, not only dealing with Homelander’s growing power and radicalized fanbase, but Congresswoman/metahuman Victoria Neuman’s Vice President run thanks to her secret alliance with the Seven leader. Both Neuman and Homelander appeared in last year’s The Boys’ spinoff Gen V, with the former’s cameo not only establishing a connection to protagonist Marie Moreau, but Godolkin University’s secret development of a virus that targets superheroes. The virus recently made a return in The Boys latest season 4 trailer, cut between scenes of Homelander and Starlight supporters clashing and Homelander encouraging other superheroes to become more violent.

Along with established The Boys and Gen V characters, season 4 will feature two new Seven members in alt-right extremist Firecracker and super genius Sister Sage. The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan — who previously worked with showrunner Eric Kripke on Supernatural — will also join season 4 in a still-undisclosed role.

The Boys season 4 premieres on Prime Video on Jun. 13.

Source: Collider

Release Date: July 26, 2019

Cast: Karl Urban, Karen Fukuhara, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty

Main Genre: Action

Seasons: 4

Franchise: The Boys

Creator: Eric Kripke

Production Company: Kripke Enterprises, Amazon MGM Studios, Sony Pictures Television

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