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Ella Morgan Spanks Helen Flanagan on All Fours in Explicit Behind-the-Scenes Footage from Celebs Go Dating




Ella Morgan and Helen Flanagan’s Cheeky Moment on Celebs Go Dating

Ella Morgan and Helen Flanagan’s Cheeky Moment on Celebs Go Dating

In a surprising and playful behind-the-scenes moment on the popular show “Celebs Go Dating,” Ella Morgan and Helen Flanagan shared a cheeky interaction that left their co-stars in stitches. The unexpected event has since become a hot topic among fans and viewers.

Background Information

Ella Morgan, known for being “Married At First Sight’s” first transgender bride, has been making waves on “Celebs Go Dating.” The 29-year-old has been open about her journey and the challenges she faces. Helen Flanagan, a former “Coronation Street” star, is also part of the show’s latest season. Both celebrities have been navigating the dating scene under the watchful eyes of the public, making their interactions even more intriguing.

Main Event or Topic

The playful incident occurred during a break in filming. Helen Flanagan, dressed in a stylish pink suit, found herself on all fours as Ella Morgan, clad in a latex outfit, cheekily spanked her. The moment was captured on camera by their co-star, Love Island’s Chris Taylor, who couldn’t help but share the hilarious footage on Instagram.

In the video, Helen can be heard yelling “harder” after Ella’s initial tentative smack. Taking Helen’s advice, Ella delivered a second, firmer slap that echoed around the room, causing their co-stars to burst into giggles. The fun didn’t stop there, as Ella then took Helen’s place on the floor for her turn.

Chris Taylor humorously captioned the video, “If someone told me as a kid that one day I’d witness a lady in latex (& lube) spank Rosie Webster from Corrie whilst she’s on all fours my jaw would have smashed the pavement.”

Reactions and Impact

The playful interaction between Ella and Helen has garnered a lot of attention from fans and fellow celebrities. Many have taken to social media to express their amusement and support for the stars. The light-hearted moment has provided a refreshing break from the more serious aspects of the show, endearing both Ella and Helen to viewers even more.

However, the incident also highlighted the close bond and camaraderie among the cast members, showcasing a side of reality TV that fans don’t often get to see. This positive interaction has undoubtedly boosted the public image of both Ella and Helen, portraying them as fun-loving and relatable individuals.

Expert Opinions

Industry experts have weighed in on the impact of such moments on reality TV shows. According to a well-known entertainment analyst, “These behind-the-scenes interactions are crucial for building a connection between the cast and the audience. They humanize the celebrities and make them more relatable, which is essential for the success of any reality TV show.”

Another expert added, “Ella and Helen’s playful moment is a perfect example of how reality TV can blend humor and authenticity. It shows that despite the pressures of being in the public eye, these celebrities can still have fun and be themselves.”

Summary and Future Implications

In summary, the cheeky interaction between Ella Morgan and Helen Flanagan on “Celebs Go Dating” has not only entertained fans but also highlighted the strong bond among the cast members. As the show progresses, viewers can expect more such moments that blend humor and authenticity, making the series even more engaging.

Ella’s journey on the show has been particularly noteworthy, as she continues to navigate her personal challenges while seeking love. Her openness about her experiences and the support she receives from her co-stars and fans will undoubtedly play a significant role in her continued growth and success.

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MARRIED At First Sight’s Ella Morgan cheekily spanked Helen Flanagan on all fours in behind the scenes footage from Celebs Go Dating.

Former Coronation Street star Helen, dressed in a stylish pink suit, could be heard yelling “harder” after Ella smacked her on the bum.

Ella Morgan spanked her Celebs Go Dating co-star Helen FlanaganCredit: InstagramThe Mafs star was tentative at first

The pair were cheered on by Love Island favourite Chris Taylor, who caught the naughty moment on camera.

Ella, who was wearing a latex outfit, took on board Helen’s advice and delivered a second, firmer slap that reverberated around the room.

Their co-stars burst into giggles and Ella duly took Helen’s place on the floor for her turn.

The whole situation proved surreal for Islander Chris, who wrote on Instagram: “If someone told me as a kid that one day I’d witness a lady in latex (& lube) spank Rosie Webster from Corrie whilst she’s on all fours my jaw would have smashed the pavement.”


Over the weekend Ella revealed she threatened to quit the show just weeks into filming.

The 29-year-old – who was Married At First Sight’s first transgender bride – opened up about a “triggering” experience during filming for which she will undergo therapy.

Admitting the E4 series has been “hard work” and tougher than filming Mafs, Ella said: “I’m really excited about this journey, but I nearly quit the other day. It was just getting so much.

“It was quite triggering. I don’t know what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a bit of a breeze and a walk in the park.

“This is definitely more of a solo journey than Mafs. With Celebs Go Dating you’re working out what you do right, what do you wrong, what you need to work on.

“It all stems back to certain things and obviously my transition is a big part of it, but I don’t just want my therapist to talk about my transition, I want to talk about life.”

Celebs Go Dating star threatens to QUIT the show before revealing she’s turning to therapy after ‘triggering’ experience

Ella – who is being supported by the channel’s therapists – has set goals to improve her life after filming ends, including getting her own therapist, going to the gym and being her more “authentic” self.

She added: “It’s so soon into filming, which is why I’m like ‘woah, what else is to come out? How else am I going to feel about myself?’

“I think this has all stemmed from the brunch the other day.

“Obviously I’m not going to go into detail – I’m probably not allowed to and I don’t want to get in trouble.

“Since Mafs I’ve been working on myself and I thought – because I haven’t dated since then – I’ve conquered it and it’s going to be so easy, but I’m realising there’s still more work to be done on myself.”

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Ella bravely spoke about her tough experience on Celebs Go Dating in the early stages of filmingHelen is ready for love after her split from ex-fiancé Scott SinclairCredit: Instagram/@hjgflanagan.