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Chase Matthew reflects on the success of his first single, “Love You Again”




Chase Matthew Reflects on Success of “Love You Again” and Growing Fan Base

Disney/Scott Kirkland

Country artist Chase Matthew is celebrating the success of his debut single, “Love You Again,” as it climbs the country charts and gains new fans along the way.

“It’s really cool to see the [existing] fans and [create] new fans too, because I know the fans that already knew it before it went to radio, they’re really excited to hear it on their radio, you know?” Chase shared with ABC Audio. “It’s an accomplishment for everybody, the whole fan base as a whole. So, definitely cool.”

As the song gains popularity on the radio and through the viral #BlackDressTrend on TikTok, Chase has noticed a shift in the way it is received at live shows.

“I definitely like singing it live different. It evolves over time,” Chase explained. “People are starting to learn all the lines. So some of the lines are becoming more fan-favorite than the normal ones or the obvious ones. So yeah, it’s definitely evolving and we’ve got new versions of it coming too, so it’s awesome.”

Fans can find “Love You Again” on Chase’s Warner Music Nashville debut album, Come Get Your Memory, which is available now.

With the success of “Love You Again” and the growing fan base, Chase Matthew is on the rise in the country music scene, and his future looks bright.

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