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Celebrities’ Honest Remarks on Collaborating with Intimacy Coordinators




Intimacy Coordinators in TV Shows and Movies: Ensuring Safe and Authentic Sex Scenes

In a groundbreaking move, popular TV shows and movies like Outlander and Sex/Life have started hiring intimacy coordinators to manage sex scenes on set. This new role aims to ensure the safety and comfort of actors during intimate scenes, as well as protect their real-life relationships.

Casey Hudecki, the intimacy coordinator for Sex/Life, shared insights into her role in a recent interview with Us Weekly. She explained that her main task is to create a safe space for the actors, especially when they are involved in intimate scenes with other cast members. Hudecki works closely with the actors to help them feel comfortable and free to explore their characters’ relationships on screen.

Sex/Life, a Netflix series that premiered in June 2021, features steamy scenes between stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos. The real-life chemistry between the two actors adds an extra layer of authenticity to their on-screen relationship.

According to Hudecki, Shahi and Demos feel safe and comfortable with each other, which allows them to have more fun and playfulness in their scenes. The presence of an intimacy coordinator helps create a supportive environment for the actors to fully embody their characters.

This move towards hiring intimacy coordinators marks a positive shift in the industry, prioritizing the well-being of actors and promoting a professional and respectful work environment. As more TV shows and movies embrace this practice, we can expect to see more authentic and engaging performances on screen.