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Brainerd Dispatch: Your Source for Local News and Community Connection

The Brainerd Dispatch has been a staple in the community since its inception in 1881, providing daily news coverage and keeping residents informed about local events and issues. With a dedicated team of journalists working around the clock, the newspaper has continued to evolve with the times, offering news in various formats such as print, e-edition, apps, and online.

The commitment to community and local journalism is at the core of the Brainerd Dispatch’s mission, with a focus on covering stories from central Minnesota that matter to residents. From news and weather updates to sports coverage, videos, photos, podcasts, and social media engagement, the newspaper strives to keep people connected and informed about their neighbors, lakes, communities, challenges, and opportunities.

The Brainerd Dispatch relies on the support of its readers to continue delivering quality journalism and staying true to its roots of serving the community. With a rich history and a bright future ahead, the newspaper remains a trusted source of news for residents in central Minnesota.