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Both my wife and I fell in love with our Maid of Honour




Woman reveals she and her partner fell in love with Maid of Honour and are now in a throuple

A WOMAN has revealed that she and her partner both fell in love with their Maid of Honour, and they are now in a three-way relationship, or a throuple.

Katie and Ness met at a nursery, and started dating seven years ago. Then Kaylie started working at the same nursery, and they both became instantly attracted to her.

The trio became close friends, and, when Katie and Ness tied the knot in 2021, Kaylie was their Maid of Honour.

Speaking to the Love Don’t Judge YouTube channel, Kaylie said: “Sometimes, when I’m referring to the wedding, I accidentally say ‘our wedding'”.

Ness told Katie she had feelings for Kaylie, and Katie said that she felt the same way. Then during a trip to Disneyland, they confessed their feelings and decided to become a throuple.

The trio now live together and have an enormous bed, that they all sleep in together. They said that they get lots of negative comments online from people saying that they are “gross” and “disgusting” but are very happy in their relationship.

Sending a message to their haters, Ness said: “If you have judgments about people in an alternative relationship dynamic, it’s good to look inside yourself and figure out why you are having these judgments.”

“It is not directly harming you that we’re together and we’re in love”.

In the future, the throuple plan to buy a house together and start a family of their own.

Kaylie said: “I think that our relationship works because we have the foundation of being best friends”.

YouTube users raced to the comments section of the video, to share their thoughts on the throuple. One person said: “It’s pretty obvious that the Maid of Honour and Ness are more attracted to each other than they are to Katie.”

“I’m hoping she’s not a jealous person.”

A second person said: “Katie is going along with it so she doesn’t lose her wife and her best friend.”

What is a throuple?

A throuple is a committed relationship between three people. Each person in the throuple is in a relationship with each other and is intimate with each other. Throuples do not see anyone else outside of their triad, unless they decide to open the relationship.

“Clearly, she’s almost a third wheel.”

A third person said: “This just doesn’t seem like it will end well at all.”

A fourth added: “Each to their own and as long as everyone is happy.

“But I was getting second-hand anger for Katie”.