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Billie Eilish reveals rare details about her relationship with ex




Billie Eilish Opens Up About Dating Life After Split with Jesse Rutherford

Published 10:56 22 May 2024 GMT+1

Billie Eilish is certainly not afraid to speak her mind, and this time she’s given a rare insight into her dating life. The singer spoke out about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jesse Rutherford in an unpublished excerpt from her interview with Rolling Stone, as well as revealing her future dating plans.

The Relationship

The pair were first romantically linked in October 2022, with Eilish confirming their relationship with a post of their Halloween costumes, where she dressed as a baby and he went as an elderly man – seeming to hit back at the criticism of Rutherford being 10 years older. However, their relationship came to an end last year, with Eilish’s reps confirming the split.

A Fond Memory

Despite the breakup, Eilish spoke fondly of Rutherford, calling him “truly one of my favorite people in the world.” This highlights the strong bond between the pair even if they are no longer romantically involved.

Current Relationship Status

Eilish indicated that she is currently single and joked about her dating life, saying she doesn’t see herself being serious with anyone until she finds the right person. She made a rare comment about being with Rutherford in an interview with Vanity Fair, expressing her excitement and happiness at the time.

Queer Identity

Last year, Eilish revealed her queer identity, expressing her attraction to women and her intimidation by their beauty and presence. She emphasized her love and attraction to women as people.

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