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BET HER’s Essence of Love Retreat Focuses on Achieving Love Goals




“Essence of Love Retreat: Strengthening Bonds and Celebrating Connections”

The Essence of Love Retreat Wraps Up Successful Event for Couples Looking to Strengthen Their Bond

On May 1, 2024, the Essence of Love Retreat concluded a sold-out event that brought together couples looking to strengthen their bond and celebrate their connection. The retreat, founded by Jody and Lancelot Ferguson, aimed to promote the idea of continually falling in love with the same person and embracing differences to foster a strong and fulfilling marriage.

The Fergusons, who believe in the importance of nurturing love and forming connections with like-minded couples, created the Essence of Love Retreat to provide a space for couples to explore new things, travel together, and deepen their connection. They believe that a successful marriage is not about being a perfect couple, but rather about learning to enjoy and appreciate each other’s differences.

Due to the overwhelming success of the retreat, the Fergusons have announced that they will be hosting periodic online chats and regional workshops until the next international couples retreat. This decision comes as a refreshing change in today’s social media landscape, where relationship problems and toxicity are often highlighted.

For more information on upcoming events and workshops, couples can visit The Essence of Love Retreat continues to spread the message of love, connection, and growth in relationships, inspiring couples to continually fall in love with each other.