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Best man must make difficult choice in supporting friend in abusive relationship




Concerns about Friend’s Marriage and Role as Best Man

Title: Concerned Friend Contemplates Role in Abusive Relationship Wedding

In a heartfelt letter to advice columnist Amy Dickinson, a concerned friend expressed deep reservations about standing as the best man in his oldest friend’s upcoming wedding. The friend, referred to as “Not the Best Man,” detailed troubling behavior from the groom-to-be’s fiancée, painting a picture of control and potential abuse.

According to the letter, the fiancée has exhibited controlling behavior, isolating the groom from family members and even resorting to physical violence by throwing a shoe at him in a fit of anger. The friend expressed genuine concern for the groom, believing that the relationship is detrimental to his well-being.

Despite feeling conflicted about participating in the wedding, Dickinson advised the friend to consider standing up for his friend as an act of extreme friendship. By expressing his concerns to the groom and offering unwavering support, the friend can potentially provide a lifeline to someone in a difficult situation.

As the wedding approaches, the friend is urged to use his speech as an opportunity to celebrate the groom and express his hopes for a happy future. While the decision to participate in the wedding is ultimately up to the friend, Dickinson emphasized the importance of standing by those in need, even in challenging circumstances.

The letter serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of relationships and the power of friendship in times of adversity. It highlights the importance of speaking up against abuse and offering support to those who may be in vulnerable situations.

For more advice from Amy Dickinson, readers can reach out via email or follow her on social media. The letter was originally published by Tribune Content Agency, LLC, and reflects the ongoing dialogue around relationships and personal well-being.