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Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller: Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Drama and Heartbreak

The whirlwind romance of Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 has come to a dramatic end after just three weeks of dating. The couple, who got engaged on the show, have now called it quits amidst rumors and allegations.

Johnny DePhillipo opened up about his feelings of inadequacy in the relationship, stating that he began to feel “not good enough” for Victoria. He alluded to rumors surrounding Victoria’s new romance with Bachelorette alum Greg Grippo, expressing his struggle to trust her. Ultimately, Johnny decided to end the engagement, feeling unsure about their future together.

On the other hand, Victoria Fuller confirmed her relationship with Greg Grippo, revealing that they had a genuine connection. She explained that their romance blossomed after the show, during a trip to Italy. Victoria also addressed allegations of cheating and toxic behavior in her relationship with Johnny, denying the accusations and emphasizing the importance of happiness in a relationship.

The breakup of Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller has left Bachelor Nation shocked and intrigued. As the drama unfolds, fans are eager to see how these relationships will continue to evolve outside of the reality TV bubble. Stay tuned for more updates on this Bachelor love triangle.