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Andrea from MAFS Australia opens up about her relationship with co-star Timothy




Rumours have been swirling that Married At First Sight Australia’s Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith have begun dating after the show. But are they together? Andrea has finally spoken out.

Rumours surrounding MAFS Australia stars Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith began earlier in 2024 after the pair were spotted having a sleepover at Andrea’s Queensland home. The experts Alessandra Rampolla, John Aitken, and Mel Schilling originally paired Andrea with Richard Sauerman and Timothy with fan favorite, Lucinda Light. Whilst there was a lot of hope the two couples would make it work in the experiment, ultimately neither managed to make it to Final Vows. But was love right in front of them the whole time? Are MAFS Australia’s Andrea and Timothy dating or not? Andrea’s finally spoken out.

Uploading a video on her Instagram in mid-May, Andrea put rumours to rest by confirming that she and Timothy were just friends. In the caption on the video, she wrote: “Here to hang out! Friends who don’t kiss on the lips, since you’re all asking. This man has been my rock and couldn’t imagine this journey without him and Lulu xxx” In the video Andrea and Timothy were together, with the bride adding: “Here, in a big car with this guy,” panning to Timothy, who then said: “What’s up people?” Andrea went on to say: “We’re about to go shopping because that’s what you do with your friends” before Timothy interjected with “friends for life.”

So there you have it, the rumours will have to be put to rest for now. With Andrea having confirmed a strong relationship post-show with not only Timothy but Lucinda, it looks like friendship is the only thing in the air between these two. But that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting love for the three older contestants of the Australian reality show. Despite not making it to the Final Vows, Lucinda and Timothy’s last Commitment Ceremony saw them decide to leave the experiment, but not before cheekily joking that it may not be the end for them. Fans, since then, have hoped that the pair would reunite under more natural circumstances and find romantic love between them.

Sadly, it looks like that’s also out of the picture, as Lucinda also put an end to those hopes, telling Heart: “I love Timbo. Timbo is like soul family, he’s the fella I didn’t know I needed in my life. I really explored the romantic potential. I one hundred percent wanted to try it on for size, I rolled my sleeves up, I gave it my best shot from every angle. It was a bit of a story of unrequited love. There’s no romantic potential there, absolutely not”, before going on to add, “I think Tim’s really on a journey of self, he’s got some stuff to process and he’s had lots of grief to move through. We’re just at different stages, I think, in our lives.” Married At First Sight seems to have become Friends At First Sight, and you know what? We’re okay with it.

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