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Amadeus terminates partnership with Rai




Rai Expresses Regret Over Termination of Collaboration with Amadeus

Amadeus Ends Collaboration with Public Service, Rai Expresses Regret

Amadeus, the renowned Italian television presenter and host, has decided to terminate the collaboration relationship with Public Service, leaving Rai with a sense of regret. Despite this decision, Rai expressed recognition and gratitude for the successful partnership that has produced memorable moments, including the iconic Sanremo Festival.

In a statement, Rai wished Amadeus well in his future endeavors and acknowledged his professionalism by offering him various proposals in economic and editorial terms, ensuring his artistic freedom. The company remains confident that it has provided Amadeus with the best opportunities during their collaboration.

While the news of the end of the partnership may come as a surprise to fans and viewers, Rai is committed to moving forward and continuing to deliver high-quality content to its audience. The legacy of the collaboration between Amadeus and Public Service will be remembered for its contributions to Rai and the country’s cultural landscape.

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