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Ali Wong reveals details about Bill Hader’s romantic gestures




Ali Wong Opens Up About Bill Hader’s Romantic Gestures: A Sweet Love Story

Ali Wong, the popular comedian and actress, recently opened up about the romantic gestures that won her heart from actor Bill Hader. The story unfolded during Ali’s Netflix Is a Joke Fest show on May 12, where she shared the sweet details of how their relationship began.

After going through a divorce from Justin Hakuta, Ali received a surprise phone call from Bill, whom she had met at a dinner party in the past. Bill confessed his longtime crush on Ali and expressed his desire for her to be his girlfriend. This heartfelt confession marked the beginning of their romance.

But Bill’s romantic gestures didn’t stop there. When Ali went on vacation to Europe shortly after their initial conversation, Bill sent her flowers to every hotel she stayed at, showing his thoughtfulness and affection.

Despite the romantic gestures, Ali humorously shared that some of her male friends had mixed opinions about Bill’s actions, jokingly commenting on the state of modern romance.

Ali and Bill’s relationship had its ups and downs, with a brief split after two months of dating in 2022. However, they rekindled their romance in 2023 and have been inseparable ever since.

The story of Ali Wong and Bill Hader’s budding romance is a heartwarming tale of love and persistence, proving that sometimes the most unexpected gestures can lead to a lasting connection.