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7 Tips for Building a Strong Connection with Your Partner




Celebrity Relationship Check-Ins: The Key to Lasting Love

When we think of a perfect relationship, it involves things like romantic dates, celebrating special events together, going on vacations, and spending quality time together. Amid all of this, a thing that often gets overlooked is the practice of communication or getting the much-needed relationship check-ins. Regularly communicating with your partner is essential for building a lasting connection, as the longer you wait, the messier it’s going to get.

Therapist Lucille Shackleton recently shared a few tips to foster open communication and maintain a strong connection through weekly or monthly relationship check-ins. She explains that it is a great way to maintain open communication, strengthen one’s connection, and address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Ideas For Relationship Check-Ins:

To begin with, one should adopt Appreciation. Lucille suggests that couples should express appreciation for each other. “Share something specific you appreciated or enjoyed about your partner during the past week,” she adds.

The second idea is to discuss the Highlights of the week, which can include all the positive experiences, achievements, or moments that have brought them joy or made them feel proud.

Then comes the part about talking it out about the Challenges. Couples need to discuss the difficulties or challenges that they face individually or as a couple throughout the week. These could include work-related stress, conflicts with family or friends, or any other issue that has affected them deeply.

One of the most crucial parts is taking care of Emotional Well-Being. Lucille suggests checking in on each other’s emotional well-being from time to time. “Ask how your partner is feeling and if there is anything they need support or understanding with,” she says.

It is also important to reflect on the state of your relationship in order to be satisfied. This can be done by asking each other about what has gone well this week and if there are any areas that need improvement or attention next week.

After all the talks and sharing, comes the part about Problem-solving. In case you are having any ongoing issues with conflicts, this check-in can be used to address them. “Encourage open and honest communication, active listening, and working together to find solutions or compromises,” Lucille advises.

Last but not least, talk about the Future. Couples need to talk about any upcoming events, projects, or plans that may impact their relationship. This can be a normal schedule or other responsibilities that will require them to support each other in managing the commitments.

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