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5 Intimate Portraits of Donna Harun and Her Husband, Warganet: Kiranin Janda




Donna Harun Surprises Fans by Revealing Husband on Instagram

Celebrity Donna Harun Surprises Fans by Revealing Husband on Instagram

JAKARTA – Fans of celebrity Donna Harun were in for a surprise when she recently uploaded a series of photos featuring her husband, Alisyahrazad Hanafiah, on her personal Instagram account. This marked the first time that Donna had publicly shared images of her togetherness with her husband.

In the heartfelt captions accompanying the photos, Donna expressed her gratitude towards her husband for always being supportive and accommodating of her wishes. She wished for his continued prosperity and prayed for his well-being, hoping that his kindness would be recognized and respected by all.

“I am thankful for your unwavering support and for always saying yes to my wishes. May abundance always find its way to you,” Donna wrote in a post on Friday, May 3.

Donna also shared her hopes for her husband’s elevated status and protection from any harm or negative influences. She described him as a good person and asked for divine intervention to shield him from illness and bad company.

As the news of Donna Harun’s husband spread, many netizens expressed their surprise and disbelief, with some admitting that they had never known about her marital status before. Comments flooded the post, with users expressing their shock and apologizing for their assumptions.

“I never knew that Ms. Donna Harun had a husband. I always thought she was a widow. I apologize for my mistake,” one user commented.

Another user added, “I always thought she was single. I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was married. My bad.”

The revelation of Donna Harun’s husband has sparked curiosity and admiration among her fans, who are eager to learn more about this hidden aspect of her personal life. Stay tuned for more updates on this surprising development in the world of Indonesian celebrities.



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